Ballot arguments against Acalanes School Tax Measure A

Acalanes School Tax Measure A purports to Measure A will protect over $3,900,000 annually in local education funding without raising taxes. In fact it is an extension of an earlier tax which is extended with no sunset. See recent coverage about the Acalanes School Tax Measure A by frequent contributor Richard Colman, of Orinda. Frquent contributor Bruce Peterson submitted the primary ballot argument against and rebuttal to the proponents’ arguments for Acalanes School Tax Measure A. A similar campaign is taking place next door with the Lafayette School Tax Measure B.

Primary argument against Acalanes School Tax Measure A


Politicians foolishly squander our tax money on stupid projects, consultants and overpaid, arrogant administrators, then ask for more. What the public wants the most, is always on the ballot. It’s usually schools and roads. Then public money is squandered on everything else, like water tunnels, city council chambers, public art and trains to nowhere. When will the foolish public wise up?

The senior exemption is a trick to convince people to vote their neighbors and their own home’s future owners, out of their money.

Some seniors won’t remember to apply, fill out, or return their exemption form. They will be gouged without mercy.

Some seniors wanting media glory, file their exemption, then promote tax increases.

Propagandists use treacherous heirs, heiresses, and the corrupt media, to promote their cause. The wealthy and huge rental complexes, are charged the same amount as the poorest person in the district. What’s fair about that?

Why don’t these treacherous media darlings donate their own money to the schools and stop begging for donations to promote higher taxes.

If voters ever wise up enough to vote against every tax that appears on the ballot, the bureaucracies will have to become more efficient. But no! They keep squandering money.

Propagandists will do everything possible to convince people NOT to read this free fine print against their tax. They don’t want anyone to actually think. They want everyone to do as they are told.

Politicians never want people to ask questions.

I can’t find a news source that will write anything even slightly detrimental about the politicians or their parcel taxes.

However you vote, it’s 100% certain, the politicians and their media comrades will demand more money from you.

Rebuttal argument for the Acalanes School Tax Measure A

Politicians control our tax dollar’s destiny.

Our taxes support the lazy, corrupt lawyers who gravitated to the archaic courts and the primeval governments. There’s an enormous staff to protect the overpaid lawyers from the public.

Publicly funded lawyers keep overfilling California’s prisons.

This is merely named a school tax. Brainwashed volunteers will proselytize for a school tax. Not a legislature, court, judge, prosecutor, prison or unfunded pension liability tax.

The legislature needs to change the tenure laws that reward fossils. Someone who’s teaching at sloth’s speed, makes more than an enthusiastic young teacher. How can that be good for education?

Where’s equal pay for equal work?

Classroom lectures should be eliminated. Quality lectures should be videotaped and shown in the school’s underused theaters.

Location and lot size are all important for property values. They arrived long before schools became a realtor’s selling point. Defeating this tax will not affect your property value, student’s test scores or student’s drug abuse. Public housing might affect property values.

This money wasting special election is one month before the primary election. Will voters sleep through this earlier election? Public schools never teach the importance of local elections.

Give yourself a pay raise. Vote against Sacramento’s legislature robbing us. Your favorite school’s funding is always diverted to subsidized public housing, bureaucrats and their fabulous pensions.

Let the school’s politicians and bureaucrats march to Sacramento for cost effective reform.

End the consultant and union driven solicitations for higher taxes.

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  1. Bruce R. Peterson, Lafayette says

    The incredibly corrupt Lamorinda Sun published a front page story about Measures A & B. It was mostly a reminder for people to send in their ballots.

    With the massive debt for unfunded pension liabilities & other things, like redevelopment, new taxes will keep coming.
    The pro tax crowd telephoned people before the ballots arrived, plus sent out a pro tax mailer, that arrived with our ballots. plus signs everywhere.

    What do the anti tax people get? The Contra Costa Times pretended to be against the taxes, by opposing them in the fine print of their editorial page,. long after the ballots arrived.