Acalanes school district deceived voters

In a Harry Houdini-like deception, the Acalanes Union High School District has tricked voters. The district, on May 4, 2010, got voters to approve a $112 annual parcel (property) tax that begins July 1, 2010. However, the $112 tax brought in too much money!

On June 25, 2010, the Contra Costa Times reported that the $112 tax “will bring in about $3.8 million in yearly revenue.” The Times also reported that the tax will put the district “more than $300,000 in the black for 2010-11.”

Thus, the Acalanes district, which includes Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, and part of Walnut Creek, overtaxed voters by $300,000 in the May 4, 2010, election. The extra $300,000 amounts to 8 percent of $3.2 million the district received in new revenue.

The Acalanes District now has only one moral course of action: to refund $300,000 to the taxpayers.