Abram Wilson fundraiser for Assembly D-15 campaign, Mar 13

abram wilson candidate ad-15San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson’s campaign for the Republican nomination for Assembly District 15 announced it will hold a fundraiser on March 13, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The event will be held at the Canyon View Dining Hall at 680 Bollinger Canyon Way in San Ramon. Tickets start at $250. RSVP to Rob Flanigan at 916-203-3488.


  1. Renegade GOP says

    As a Mayor the best way to raise fast cash is to drink the evil koolaid of developer money. Wilson has done a nice job as mayor although this tassajara gaff and hanging out with Tom Koch has shown poor political judgement. I believe Wilson missed an opportunity by not running for Supervisor in this election cycle. In the state assembly he will be bored to tears.

  2. danville reader says

    Yup, looks like Treehugger is probably right. See the comments Wilson is making now about asserting San Ramon's rights to "study" Annexation, which will be just a prelude to deals with LAFCO and the County BOS brokered by Koch and others via campaign funds.

    So this is what it costs to win an Assembly seat?

    My My.

  3. tassajara treehugger says

    I saw the flyer for this event and noticed Tom Koch and Craig Andersen were very special hosts.

    Well there goes the hope of an Abram Wilson that would be independent of scorched earth developer money.

    Maybe New Farm will be re-named to Abramville?