About Halfway to Concord

Halfway to Concord is one of the many terms for inebriation that Benjamin Franklin (a connosieur of Madeira) coined in his Drinker’s Dictionary. An apt image for what passes as public discourse these days, especially in California.

In Franklin’s time, tax records show Philadelphia (pop. 25,000 in 1760) had as many as 243(!) persons (a quarter of them women) licensed to run public drinking establishments between 1767-1777. Tavern going was the place to talk business and politics; where people, usually men, from every class, ethnic, and religious persuasion would heartily imbibe and engage the issues of the day. Indeed, the colonial-era tavern served not only rum and punch, but revolution, too. So belly up to the bar and let us know what you think about goings on around Contra Costa County.

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