California cities pass height limits for subsidized housing

Voters in Encinitas, California, have passed a ballot measure that will put a 30-foot height limit on new buildings. The Encinitas election has implications for the Bay Area, including cities in Contra Costa County, where local communities are being told to build high-rise, high density housing — so-called stack and pack housing — for elderly people and low-income individuals.

Encinitas (Pop 60,000), a coastal beach community about 25 miles north of San Diego, held a special election on Tuesday, June 18. On the ballot was Proposition A, a measure to limit building heights.

With all precincts tallied, Proposition A garnered a “yes” vote of 51.52 percent. However, before the election can be certified, some provisional ballots have to be counted. Indications are that the provisional ballots will not change the election’s outcome.

Opponents of Proposition A vastly outspent proponents.