1,000 Jobs: Chevron, Unions sign PLA for Richmond Refinery Modernization

In a far-reaching agreement that will reduce emissions in the community and create up to 1,000 union jobs, Chevron (NYSE:CVX) and the Contra Costa Building and Construction Traces Council, have settled on a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) for Chevron’s Richmond Refinery Modernization Project. The pact outlines basic terms of how jobs will be filled for the Project. The City of Richmond is expected to be release its Environmental Impact Report early 2014, with final approval anticipated in late 2014.

According to a joint announcement, “By updating and replacing older equipment with new technologies, the project will make the refinery inherently safer and achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions without changing the basic function of the refinery. In addition, the Modernization Project will ensure the refinery continues to drive economic growth in Richmond through the continued production of motor and jet fuels, and lubricant products.”

Statements from the Trades Council and Chevron

“This is a fantastic next step for local Building Trades men and women and our community because the Refinery’s Modernization Project will generate union jobs that our workforce badly needs,” said Greg Feere, Chief Executive Officer of the Contra Costa Building and Construction Trades Council. “Our members are anxious to get to work on this project, and we look forward to partnering with the Richmond Refinery to help it modernize its facility so that it can continue to serve as a major economic engine and jobs creator for Richmond and the region. With this agreement in place we will also be promoting local jobs, apprenticeship opportunities and the Helmet to Hardhats Program.”

“The Modernization Project will create a newer, cleaner and safer refinery that is better for the community,” said Kory Judd, General Manager of the Richmond Refinery. “We look forward to partnering with labor to move the project forward in an open and transparent permitting process.”


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    While more expensive for Chevron, the PLA means good jobs and reduction of GHGs and other pollutants in the community which adds up to a win-win for everyone… at least until the uber progressive whackos on Richmond City Council cook up some other unaddressed evil of producing energy instead of the Greens’ preferred method of rubbing sticks together.