10 questions for candidates who would succeed George Miller

Congressman-Mark-DeSaulnierAfter 40 long years in office, Congressman George Miller (D-Martinez) has announced that he will retire from his California 11th Congressional seat at the end of the 2014 legislative session. Miller’s district includes much of Contra Costa County. So what are the best 10 questions for candidates should residents of Miller’s district ask? Let’s try a few tough questions. I encourage others to submit their own questions as comments or standalone posts of your own:

10 questions for candidates

(1) Do you support the existence of the State of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East?

(2) Do you think President Obama was correct a few years who when he made the Israeli prime minister leave the White House by a side door instead of the usual North Portico exit, where the members of the press were waiting?

(3) Is it time to repeal the Davis-Bacon Act. which requires the use of union labor of federal construction projects? Union labor can cost 20 percent to 50 percent more. Why get 50 miles of freeway when citizens can get 100 miles of freeway?

(4) Would you be willing to threaten Iran militarily if that country were proved to be developing nuclear weapons.

(5) Do you believe that radical Islam is trying to destroy the United States?

(6) Did you — or do you still — believe President Obama when he said that under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) that an American can keep his doctor if he likes his doctor or keep his health insurance plan if he likes his health insurance plan?

(7) Do you favor pushing the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour at a time when California’s unemployment rate is 8.5 percent while the national rate is 6.7 percent? Only four states — Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, and Rhode Island — have a higher unemployment rate than California.

(8) Do you favor building the Keystone KL pipeline to bring Canadian oil to refineries in the American South?

(9) Do you believe that America’s corporate income tax, now the highest in the industrialized world, should be lowered or eliminated?

(10) How would you have voted on Congressman George Miller’s Employee Free Choice Act — also know as Card Check? Card Check would have denied workers, in a unionization election, to have a secret ballot. Miller’s bill passed the House of Representatives but did not pass the Senate.

Can you answer these questions truthfully, Mr. Candidate or Ms. Candidate?

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  1. says

    1) I support the existence of Israel, its economic development and the continued growth and peaceful coexistence with Palestine. I do however question the amount of ‘aid-money’ that we send over there and to what its purpose is. Being that Israel has one of the world’s strongest economy’s, why are we sending funds over there? This I would look into as your Congressman.

    2) I can’t say that I’ve heard of this.

    3) I strongly believe in our unions across America. I belong to USW local 5 right now and support what they and all unions represent. That being said, I feel that the Davis-Bacon Act is severely outdated and has outlived its purpose. To fight against cheap work using migrant workers with little to no rights and to fight racism. In modern times with many laws to protect workers against under pay, racism, exploitation and any fear from their employer. This law needs to be repealed to allow our government to spend money wiser and more effectively.

    4) Simply stated, Yes.

    5) If by radical Islam, you are referring to the Islamist who doesn’t follow the Quran and its teachings. Sure. There is evidence of that.

    6) No. I think you can have one or the other. There will be some rare cases where some people will get to keep their doctor and medical plan. But I see very few people keeping both. I believe that most people will end up with a different doctor and medical plan.

    7) No. I think that each state should regulate its minimum wage independently of the federal government. Each state has its own economy and way of life. To put a wage across the whole United States is impossible. $10/hr. is a huge difference in lifestyle depending on if you live in downtown Los Angeles or in rural Montana.

    8) I’m for the KXL project. It will create jobs and help stability in our nation’s energy issues. I think that something that large needs to be watched and maintained very carefully with some very hefty fail-safes built in. But I do believe that it can be a good thing for our country.

    9) No, of course not. I think that our corporate taxes need to be enforced! We have too many huge corporations not even paying taxes due to shelters and other IRS loopholes that allow the government and local cities not touch the taxes owed. I don’t see how raising or lowering their taxes would make any difference to the economy until there is a reform on their tax laws.

    10) I would have voted FOR the bill. I am a firm believer in unions and their strengths to provide better service, safety and at a fair wage. This bill would have made it easier for unions to form and given more protection to workers from business repercussions.

    Answered in truth by Candidate Jason Ramey for Congress (CD11) please contact me for any questions.
    [email protected]